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Dragon’s Breath Pepper Seeds

Sandia Seed Company

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Dragon’s Breath Pepper Seeds - Lucifer's House of Heat

The Dragon’s Breath pepper is a super-hot, mind-blowing, out of this world pepper. It has a reported peak heat of 2.48 million Scoville heat units and has been submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for consideration as the hottest pepper in the world. There is not a lot of solid information yet about its average heat range or overall stability. Time will tell where the Dragon’s Breath officially falls in the ranking of super-hots. Will it be the hottest?

The owner of Tom Smith's Plants in the United Kingdom, Mike Smith, developed this record-breaking pepper with researchers at the University of Nottingham. It was being developed and tested for a natural capsaicin anesthetic useful for those allergic to typical medical anesthetics.

Peppers are 1 to 2" long and taper to a point and sometimes have a tail. They have red bumpy skin and a strong floral aroma. The capsaicin oil inside oozes and drips and produces plenty of painful heat that dissipates slowly. Dragon's Breath is a serious rival for the Carolina Reaper's heat level. Plants grow over 3' tall and are very productive.  Capsicum chinense (100 days)

A packet contains 5 seeds. 

Heat Level: Mind-Blowing.

Scoville: 2,000,000 or more.