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Chile Lengua De Fuego Chicho Ghost Hot Sauce

Chile Lengua De Fuego

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Chile Lengua De Fuego Chicho Ghost Hot Sauce
Spice up your dishes with Chile Lengua de Fuego Chicho-Ghost! Crafted in Honduras with the perfect blend of earthy chipotle, powerful ghost pepper and subtle notes of ginger and panela sugar, this medium-heat sauce is sure to bring the sizzle to whatever you’re cooking up. It's the perfect addition to breakfast tacos, BBQ chicken, plantains, and more. With slow-building spice, this hot sauce is right at home on the fourth wing in the Season 21 Hot Ones lineup.

Ingredients: Fresh chocolate ghost pepper mash, raw sugar, vidalia onion, scotch bonnet peppers mash, smoked garlic, Lengua de Fuego chipotle powder, ginger root, salt and water