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Butterfly Bakery Taco Vibes Only Hot Sauce

Butterfly Bakery of VT

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Butterfly Bakery Taco Vibes Only Hot Sauce
Chef Claire Georges, the mastermind behind Butterfly Bakery of Vermont, knows flavor. While she typically crafts sauces that are easier on the tongue, this take on a super-spicy taco sauce proves she can do it all. Carolina Reapers and ghost peppers make this sauce perfect for the #9 wing - aka one of the top overlooks on Mt. Scoville - in the Hot Ones Season 20 lineup. A simplistic recipe lets the peppers shine, featuring lime juice, cumin and coriander to enhance their natural tangy and earthy notes. Taco Tuesdays beware!

Ingredients: Organic distilled white vinegar, red serrano, reaper peppers, lime juice, ghost peppers, garlic scapes, salt, reaper pepper powder, coriander, cumin

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