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The Magic Plant Peruvian White Habanero Growing Kit

Magic Plant

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The Magic Plant Peruvian White Habanero Growing Kit - Lucifer's House of Heat

Don’t let the softer shades of white fool you. The White Habanero chili pepper may look cooler than its orange cousin, but it still packs the heat. It’s at least as hot as other Habaneros and has a nice fruity flavor with some smoky undertones. Some people like to grow this variety just because it is a lovely ornamental, too. White Habaneros have been compared to jelly beans, but that’s one HOT jelly bean! It may look like it’s not hot, but it ranks between 100,000 to 350,000 Scoville heat units, just like the more common orange Habanero. Most think it is just a bit hotter on average.

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