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SoCal Cremoso Fuego


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SoCal Cremoso Fuego - Lucifer's House of Heat

SoCal's hottest addition to the Craft Select series. Cremosa Fuego is an authentic and fiery taqueria style sauce which blends together the incredible flavors of Arbol and Morita Chiles and pairs them with the intense heat of the Ghost Pepper.. The Cremoso Fuego, aka "Creamy Fire" sauce is the perfect addition to street tacos, taco bowls, chicken wings, flat iron steak or anything that is hot off the grill. Feel free to get creative with it! Enjoy!

Ingredients: Roasted tomatoes, olive oil, water, vinegar, toasted ghost peppers, chile de arbol, morita chile, pepper spices, toasted onion, sea salt, roasted garlic, xanthan gum. (A natural emulsifier to prevent separation.) 

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