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Roasters Hot Sauce Roasted Habanero Original

Roasters Hot Sauce

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Roasters Hot Sauce Roasted Habanero Original - Lucifer's House of Heat
This sauce is boss. We start with fresh organic carrots, onion, garlic, BC grown habaneros and fire roast it all to perfection. Then we blend with organic vinegar and balance the flavours with a touch of sea salt and raw sugar. At first taste, you will detect the delicate sweetness of roasted carrot followed by the crisp heat of habaneros. All the while, the perfect ratio of roasted onion and garlic gives it that umami everyone is searching for. At medium hot, this habanero sauce delivers on heat without compromising flavour. It is on tap at our house!

Suggestions for use: Try this sauce in combo with any salty Asian dish, or meat off the grill – especially good with beef. Marinade with yogurt, mix it into mayo for spicy aioli or right on fresh veggies as a super healthy hot sauce delivery! It’s the perfect way to spice up your chilis, soups and stews – it can be added during cooking or afterwards to individual taste. Of course, it's delicious on foods traditional to hot sauce pairing – pizza, eggs, sandwiches and burgers – but more exotic pairings include – sushi, Ceasars or even on your salad! Savoury perfection!

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