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Roasters Hot Sauce Roasted Garlic Jalapeno

Roasters Hot Sauce

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Roasters Hot Sauce Roasted Garlic Jalapeno - Lucifer's House of Heat
This sauce has something for everyone and is our BEST SELLER! A mouthwatering tang that only fresh squeezed lime juice can evoke, the perfect amount of roasted garlic and just enough warmth from the jalapeños will elevate any food. We start with fresh BC grown jalapeños, onion, garlic and fire roast. Then we blend with just the right balance of organic vinegar, fresh squeezed lime juice, sea salt and raw sugar to produce a beautifully charred green sauce that delivers the perfect medium heat. Truly a universal sauce, we find ourselves putting this on everything!

Suggestions for use: Go-to for eggs and pizza, but it seriously goes on anything. It is a great addition avocados for toast or a spicy guac or to any fresh salsa. Mixed with olive oil or yogurt, this makes a great marinade for chicken or fish. The flavour is more traditional to Mexican style foods so it pairs very nicely with them. But go ahead and put this on anything and everything you’re eating!

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