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Pompous Ass Smoky Habanero Blend Hot Sauce

Healthy Hot Sauce Company

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Pompous Ass Smoky Habanero Blend Hot Sauce - Lucifer's House of Heat
WARNING: This is not just any Hot Sauce! It's better than that. MUCH BETTER! This blend of Habanero, Guajillo, Jalapeno, Ancho, Pasilla and Chipotle peppers is hot... Well to some anyway!

If you have tried our “HOT" Pompous Ass Hot Sauce and you're trying our "Mild" Pompous Ass Hot Sauce for the first time, you know this sauce is not up to our standards. Yes, we admit it. This was our first attempt at making a Hot Sauce. But when we started getting responses like "This stuff is amazing! My sister, boyfriend, dog, whatever... puts it on everything". We knew we had gone horribly wrong. While this sauce is extremely flavourful, quite honestly it is an embarrassment to call it a "Hot Sauce". At best we could call it "Mild".

Unlike our "HOT" Pompous Ass Hot Sauce, we don't need to put any kind of warning on it as apparently you can put it on anything, but we did anyway.

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