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Pain Is Good Batch 114 Jamaican Style Hot Sauce

Pain Is Good

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Pain Is Good Batch 114 Jamaican Style Hot Sauce - Lucifer's House of Heat

Pain Is Good Batch #114 Jamaican Style Hot Sauce, 6.75oz. - In the jungles of Jamaica, far from the soft, white beaches and luxury resorts, there's a small shack with a small garden. In the garden, Scotch Bonnet and Habanero peppers are grown. In the shack, jerk sauce is made with them. In the mouths of those who eat it, a strange voodoo begins to take hold, consuming the body, mind and soul in a fiery, hypnotic euphoria. Pain is good. There is no sensation quite like the one of this sauce with Caribbean fruit juices and spices. The flask bottle has a picture of a Rasta-man, who is obviously in pain.

Ingredients: Habaneros, pineapple juice concentrate, white vinegar, tomato paste, water, roasted garlic, jerk spice, and lemon and lime juice concentrate.


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