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Pain is Good Barbeque Sauce Gift Box

Pain Is Good

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Pain is Good Barbeque Sauce Gift Box - Lucifer's House of Heat
Pain is Good Barbeque Sauce Gift Box - Enjoy this painfully delicious trio of Spicy BBQ sauces on: Pulled Pork, Pork Ribs, Grilled Pork, Smoked Pork. Grilled Salmon. Burgers, Burnt Ends, Beef Brisket, Steaks Kabobs, Grilled Tofu, Meatballs, Chicken Wings, Roasted Chicken, pulled Chicken, Fried Chicken, Sandwiches, Grilled Chicken, Stir fry, Roasted Vegetables, Grilled Vegetables, Pizza ...Or any of your favorite dishes! This Carolina Reaper barbecue sauce packs a flavorful punch! Carolina Reaper peppers, molasses, oranges, and a smoky chili blend give this extreme BBQ Sauce its unique, complex flavor. We dare you to try it on brisket, wings, or pork. Don't be afraid: we've added molasses, real cane sugar, and a flavorful blend of spices that complement the heat of the Ghost Peppers in this extreme barbecue sauce.ᅠ We dare you to try it on ribs, brisket and chicken. It will sting, but this Scorpion Pepper BBQ sauce also has a splash of pineapple and a special blend of seasonings and spices that round out its extreme heat. We dare you to try it on pulled pork, chicken, or ribs.

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