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Old Forester Bohemian Bitters

Old Forester

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Old Forester Bohemian Bitters - Lucifer's House of Heat

Old Forester Bohemian Bitters (2 oz.) - Old Forester believes that every cocktail should begin with authenticity. As America’s first bottled bourbon, Old Forester is known for being full of flavor, this bitters collection is just that. The Old Forester Bohemian Bitters are inspired by the scent of pipe tobacco. The Bohemian Bitters are handcrafted using all-natural ingredients, such as sour cherries, clove, wild cherry bark, gentian root, anise, smoked black pepper, and cacao nibs.

Ingredients: Old Forester Bourbon, Dry Tart Cherries, Distilled Water, Wild Cherry Bark, Gentian Root, Smoked Cocoa Nibs, Whole Clove, Star Anise, Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pepper.

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