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OddBird Non-Alcoholic Spumante


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OddBird Non-Alcoholic Spumante
Sweden’s first and only alcohol-free sparkling wine from the Italian province of Treviso, located in Veneto, commonly known as the Prosecco region. Made with traditional methods and 100% Glera, exclusively from DOC and DOCG vineyards.

No additives, no artificial colors or aromas. Just as nature intended. Matured for up to 12 months and liberated from alcohol using a unique, patented method that preserves the wine’s flavors and aromas.

Tasting Notes:

Oddbird Spumante has notes of nashi pear, elderflower, green apple, and grapefruit.

Best Enjoyed:

With salted and cured meats like charcuterie, strong cheeses, salted nuts, or chips.