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Oddbird Non-Alcoholic Blanc de Blancs


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Oddbird Non-Alcoholic Blanc de Blancs
Sparkling Chardonnay wine liberated from alcohol. Oddbird selects the finest grapes to ensure their products' unique taste and quality. Oddbird Blanc de Blancs is derived from Chardonnay sourced from the finest vineyards in Languedoc.

No additives, no artificial colours or aromas. Just as nature intended. Matured for up to 12 months and liberated from alcohol using a unique, patented method that preserves the wine’s flavours and aromas.

Tasting Notes:

Oddbird Blanc de Blancs is crisp, intricate, and dry, with fresh tones of Granny Smith apples, honey, and lime. A youthful 100% Chardonnay wine with high complexity.

Best Enjoyed:

As an apéritif or with your first course.

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