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Jak Frost Winter Cinnamon

Jak Jeckel

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Jak Frost Winter Cinnamon - Lucifer's House of Heat

Jak Frost Winter Cinnamon (5oz) - This sauce adds the unique complexity to your favorite dishes you’ve been looking for. Jak Frost’s unique flavor profile comes from a touch of cinnamon backed up with a wonderful, maple-bacon syrup sweetness. The cinnamon and maple-bacon syrup are complimented by a smoky and peppery habanero and dried chipotle pepper flavor. With a “NON-vinegar” base, all of the intense flavors in Jak Frost Winter Cinnamon are very well balanced and no one flavor over powers this hearty, well traveled sauce. Jak Frost Winter Cinnamon has a nice kick of heat, yet is not over powering and is very approachable. NOTE: No actual bacon or meat products are used in any of our sauces.

 Flavor Travel: The initial touch of cinnamon flavor up front quickly gives way to a wonderful, maple-bacon syrup sweetness. After the maple-bacon syrup flavor you will then finish with a nice smoky pepperiness and well-rounded heat from the habanero and dried chipotle peppers.

Ingredients: habanero pepper, water, jalapeño pepper, lime juice, red bell pepper, jerk sauce, chipotle pepper, habanero salt, maple syrup, cinnamon, bullion, lemon pepper, smoked paprika, citrus spices.

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