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Hot Ones Nugget Honey Infused with Pepper X

Hot Ones Hot Sauce

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Hot Ones Nugget Honey Infused with Pepper X - Lucifer's House of Heat
Our sweetest Hot Ones sauce yet, perfect for pizza, fried chicken, cocktails and more! Hot Ones Nugget Honey starts with American-made craft gin from Barr Hill of Vermont. The gin is infused with Smokin’ Ed’s Pepper X in a unique process never tried before in a hot sauce. Once the gin has soaked up the powerful heat from the Pepper X (as well as a hint of its earthy flavor), we blend it with pure alfalfa honey from the Wind River Valley of Wyoming. The result is sweet golden goodness with a mild, warming heat. When you taste it straight up it can be a stinger, but when drizzled over waffles, cheese platters or even your favorite ice cream, it’s the perfect balance of sugar and spice. It’s the golden touch for enhancing your favorite meals and the creative possibilities are endless!

Heat: 4/10

Ingredients: American alfalfa honey, gin, Pepper X

Size: 9 fl oz

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