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Haico's Honey Mustard (not just) BBQ Sauce


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Haico's Honey Mustard (not just) BBQ Sauce - Lucifer's House of Heat

Specifically for Canada’s 150thHaico’s Hot Sauce has developed a great new addition to their sauces: Honey Mustard (Not Just) BBQ Sauce! This savory and sweet condiment is great for any kind of barbecued dish and is made with Haico’s (In)famous Mustard Menace Hot Sauce. This means that if you want to increase the heat, you can just add a drop of Mustard Menace without compromising the flavour! Enjoy all your BBQ’s with this great sauce!

Ingredients: Smoked Roma tomatoes, onions, local honey, fresh lemon juice, amber maple syrup, Mustard Menace Hot Sauce, garlic, fresh herbs and spices.

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