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Gochujang Hot Sauce

Pain Is Good

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Gochujang Hot Sauce - Lucifer's House of Heat

Pain is Good Gochujang Hot Sauce (7oz) - Developed from a thousand year old Korean recipe, Gochujang is a staple in Korean households. It pairs perfectly with meats, veggies, scallion pancakes, soups and rice. If you like Korean food, you’ve probably had it while dining out without even knowing it. Gochujang is a Korean-style hot sauce that combines the savory elements of fermented soybeans and garlic with sweet heat from imported Gochugaru chiles.

  • Developed from a simple receipe in South Korea over 1,000 years ago, Gochujang is a fermented hot sauce that offers the perfect blend of spicy and sweet
  • Free from: Artificial Flavors, Artificial Colors, Artificial Preservatives, Gluten Ingredients

Heat Index: 3 of 10

Ingredients: Water, Cane Sugar, Fermented Soybeans (water, soybeans, rice, salt, alcohol), Rice Vinegar, Dried Red Chile Peppers, Garlic Powder, Gochugaru Chile Powder. Contains Soy.