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Ghost Scream: Chili Garlic Jam

Ghost Scream

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Ghost Scream: Chili Garlic Jam - Lucifer's House of Heat

Ghost Scream: Chili Garlic Jam (10.6oz) - The Chili Garlic Jam is SWEET and SPICY! Try as a glaze on pork, salmon or shrimp. Add to a stir-fry, grilled cheese sandwich, barbecue sauce, a vinaigrette or simply serve with cheese and crackers.

  • Ghost Scream Hot Sauce Presents: All Natural Spicy Ghost Scream Chili Garlic Jam XXX!!!
  • 100% All Natural and Gluten Free!!! Hand Crafted and Made in Newport Beach, California
  • A New Extremely Fiery Sweet and Smokey Heat with Fresh Ghost Peppers and Fresh Garlic
  • A Never Been Seen Before Product with an Intense that WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!!!
  • Glaze Meats, Seafood, Serve with Cheese, Sandwiches or Stir Frys!!!

Ingredients: Sugar, vinegar, fresh garlic, roasted red jalapeno peppers, fresh ghost chili peppers, natural flavors, pectin.

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