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Fiji Fire Native Bongo Chilli Hot Sauce

Fiji Fire

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Fiji Fire Native Bongo Chilli Hot Sauce - Lucifer's House of Heat

Fiji Fire - Native Bongo Chilli Hot Sauce (5oz) - Fiji Fire is made with the native chilli of Fiji known as the Bongo Chilli and combines a fruitiness, earthiness, fresh zing and a chunky chilli flavour all from natural locally grown Fijian ingredients.

The Bongo chilli is a habanero that was first grown in Fiji and is a sweeter, tangier variety than your standard habanero and grows into big bright red pods. The use of the chilli in this sauce is a stand out and there is a wonderful balance between the freshness of the Bongo and the other locally sourced ingredients including the zinginess from the vinegar, the sweetness from the carrots and the earthiness from the wild picked turmeric. This hot sauce is made in a chunkier style but is absolutely perfect to allow the tanginess of the Bongo chilli to shine through.

Featured on Season 11 of the Hot Ones.

 Ingredients: Vinegar, chillies, carrots, turmeric, salt

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