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Dean Jacob 4:1 Tailgater Seasonings

Dean Jacobs

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Dean Jacob 4:1 Tailgater Seasonings - Lucifer's House of Heat

Dean Jacobs TailGater Seasonings Jar (5.3oz Jar) - For every outdoor sporting event - 4 Zesty Seasonings 5.3 ounce shaker - This set of 4 Tailgate seasonings will be sure to add a kick to game day. Four seasonings in one jar make it convenient for all who appreciate cooking out of the kitchen. Shake directly onto steaks, chicken, burgers, chops, or ribs. Add to oils or butters to brush on. Use as a rub or add to marinades. 

Includes: Chipotle Blend  (For Steaks) , Southern Hickory (For Ribs & Chops) , Lemon Pepper (For Chicken)  & Herbs and Char Grill (For Burgers).

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