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The General's Danger Close Hot Sauce

The General

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The General's Danger Close Hot Sauce - Lucifer's House of Heat

The General's Danger Close (6oz) - Our newest flavor, Danger Close is a magical blend of red cayenne and orange habanero peppers.  We think it's the PERFECT sauce for making buffalo wings--it packs a strong cayenne flavor, but also brings a solid backdoor kicker of habanero heat.  More heat than our best-seller, Dead Red, but it won't melt your brain like a heavy dose of Shock & Awe.  Try the new Heat Seeker 3-Pack and 'climb the ladder"--start with Dead Red, advance to Danger Close, and then top it off with some S&A habanero punishment.

Each bottle of the General's Hot Sauce is all-natural, and contains 86& actual peppers; most other sauces are 20% at best. 

The General's profits support military and veteran families. 

Ingredients: Louisiana Cayenne & Habanero Peppers, Distilled White Vinegar, Salt, Garlic

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