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Crater Hot Sauce Sir Gotcha

Crater Hot Sauce

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Crater Hot Sauce Sir Gotcha - Lucifer's House of Heat

Sir Gotcha is the newest and sneakiest sauce in our current product lineup!

In this thinner sauce, we brought together a blend of aged Thai chilli peppers, vinegar and garlic. This sauce is very simple and very smooth. The burn comes on slow, and then hangs out on your tongue for a little while.

In testing, we added this hot sauce to pizza, Chinese food, stir fry, and pasta. It performed beautifully, and left us warm in the face. We had some sweat running, but overall we were very satisfied. You should always start slow and low with any new sauce, until you know what your tolerance is.

Ingredients: Aged Thai chili peppers, water, fermented garlic, pure apple cider vinegar, sea salt, sugar.

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