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The Magic Plant Chocolate Habanero Pepper Growing Kit

Magic Plant

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The Magic Plant Chocolate Habanero Pepper Growing Kit - Lucifer's House of Heat
Chocolate Peppers are an amazing hot pepper, grow from a can.

An extremely hot Chocolate pepper! According to the research of Mexico University, it should be the hottest chili. The color of the fruit is chocolate color. It can be used as flavor, eaten, or just as a beautiful addition to your garden. To prevent animals from digging and damaging landscaping; prepare a hot chili pepper infusion with water, spray in area you want protected on your property.

Growing Directions:
  • Ideal temperatures for growing are 77-95 F (25-35°C).
  • Growth in about 10-15 days.
  • Keep in full light.
  • You may plant buds elsewhere in a planting pot or in ground.
  • Take the center bud off when the plant reaches to 3.5 inches (10 cm) high to stimulate growth.
  • The height of the plant is about 6-8 cm.

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