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Burns & McCoy Original Margarita Mix

Burns & McCoy

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Burns & McCoy Original Margarita Mix - Lucifer's House of Heat

Burns & McCoy Original Margarita Mix (32oz.)

Burns & McCoy Original Margarita Mix is guaranteed to have your taste buds screaming thank you! We have created this mix to give you the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Our mix contains juice from the highest quality limes, organic cane sugar and the wonderful citrus of fatalii pepper.  Don't be afraid of the peppers here as they give you just the slightest tingle to make your margarita experience one you will not soon forget. What could be better than enjoying some time with friends at the end of the day or over dinner, with a delicious Original Margarita? Nothing comes close. So go ahead and grab yourself a bottle of Burns & McCoy's all natural margarita mix and go and make some amazing new memories.


Ingredients: Filtered Water, Fresh Lime Juice, Pure Cane Sugar, Fatalii Peppers.

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