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Bunsters Shit The Bed Hot Sauce (12/10 HEAT)


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Bunsters Shit The Bed Hot Sauce (12/10 HEAT) - Lucifer's House of Heat

One bottle of the world’s finest hot sauce coming right up! Treat yourself, or give someone special the gift that keeps on giving. Nothing says "I care about you" more than a bottle of Shit the Bed hot sauce. 

Shit the Bed is the ultra hot sauce with flavor. Loaded with Scorpion chillies (the #3 hottest chilli in the world), orange juice, garlic, onions, lime, ginger and herbs this is the one hot sauce hard core chilli heads will keep coming back to. We don't use pepper extracts in our sauces so there's no funny after taste, just whole chilli goodness. Finally something hot enough to shut up the person who is never satisfied. Funny branding also makes this a fantastic gift and retailers delight. 

Warning: This product might make you shit the bed.  



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