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Blazing Foods The Insane Peanut Brutal Challenge

Blazing Foods

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Blazing Foods The Insane Peanut Brutal Challenge - Lucifer's House of Heat

World's Hottest 7-Pot Primo Peanut Brittle

We start with a delicious old-world peanut brittle recipe using premium ingredients and produce it in small batches by hand. Then we kicked it up a few thousand notches by adding the 5 hottest peppers on earth for an insanely hot & tasty challenge. Hey its' just 3 progressively hotter peanut brittle bars with a blistering Level 3 finale thanks to the explosively hot 7-Pot Primo Pepper. What could possibly go wrong?

3 brutally hot peanut brittle bars made with the 5 hottest peppers on earth!

  • Warming Up- Batch 1 gets this party started with Carolina Reaper and Bhut Jolokia Ghost Peppers
  • OMG- Batch 2 doubles the Reaper & Ghost Peppers and adds a slap in the face shot of 7-Pot brain strain peppers.
  • WTH- Batch 3 goes all in with more Reapers, Ghost Peppers and a healthy shot of Trinidad Moruga Scorpions. Finishing our assault on your tortured taste buds. We introduce you to the brutally hot 7-Pot Primo Pepper for the worst 5 minute afterburn you can imagine!

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