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Beer Can Chicken Rub

Dean Jacobs

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Beer Can Chicken Rub - Lucifer's House of Heat

Beer Can Chicken Rub (2.5oz) -  makes beer can chicken even better, but it also makes a great universal poultry rub as well. Add it to beer and it makes a great basting mixture.

Rub the chicken with the seasoning rub both inside and out. Drink or pour out about 1/2 of the beer. Insert beer can into the chicken and grill on medium heat for about 2 hours. You can also roast a chicken this way in the oven. Just place it as directed on an open half-filled can of beer, sitting up, in a roasting pan on the lower rack of your oven. Roast at 350°F until done (about an hour fifteen to an hour and a half for a 4 lb chicken).

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