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Ass Kickin' Ghost Pepper Salsa

Ass Kickin'

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Ass Kickin' Ghost Pepper Salsa - Lucifer's House of Heat

Ass Kickin Ghost Pepper Salsa (13oz) - This stuff ain't for sissies. Ass Kickin Ghost Pepper Salsa is made with Bhut Jolokia peppers. It's a great conversation starter at your next get together. Made with bhut jolokia peppers, this Ass Kickin' Ghost Pepper Salsa is "crazy ass hot!" Enliven your burgers, pasta, French fries, and more with this super spicy Ass Kickin' Ghost Pepper Salsa! 

Ingredients: Diced tomatoes, tomato paste, wate,r green chiles, onion, jolokia pepper, vinegar, salt, spices, crushed garlic and xanthan gum.

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